IBERLS【UL Listing】 9V Replacement for Boss PSA-120S AC Adapter for BOSS Guitar Effects Pedal AD-10 DS-1 RC-1 RC-3 TU-3 SD-1 RV-5 RV-6 DD-3 DD-7 DD-20 ME-50 GT-10 HM-2 RC-1 Power Supply Cable 10FT

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Product Description




Applicable Products:

This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with the following Boss guitar pedal:

P / N: PSA-120S / PSA-100 / PSA-120 / PSA-120T / PSA-100S / PSA-220S / PSA-230.

Compatible models:

Boss RC-1, RC-2, RC-20, RC20-XL, RC-20XL, RC-3, RC-30, RC-50, RCE-10, RCL-10, RDD-10, RDD-20, RE-20, RGE-10, ROD-10, RPD-10, RPH-10, RPQ-10, RPS-10,

Boss RPW-7, RRV-10, RSD-10, RT-20, RV-2, RV-3, RV-5, RV-6 SD-1, SD-2, SL-20, SP-202, SP-303, SP-404, ST-2, SYB-3, SYB-5, TR-2, TS9, TU-10, TU-1000, TU-88,

Boss TU-12, TU-12EX, TU-15, TU-2, TU-3, TU-80, TU-12BW, XT-2, AC-2, AC-3, AD-3, AD-8, AW-2, AW-3, BCB-30, BCB-60, BD-2, VE-20, BE-5, BE-5B, BE-5M, BF-2,

Boss BF-2B, BF-3, BR-532, BR-600, BR-800, BR-864, BR-900, CE-2, CE-20, CE-2B, CE-3, CE-5, CEB-3, CH-1, CS-3, FBM-1, FC-200, FC-300, FC-50, FDR-1, FRV-1,

FT-2, FW-3, FZ-2, FZ-3, FZ-5, GE-7, GE-7B, GEB-7, GP-20, GT-10, HC-2.

Roland ASC-10, AT-4, AW-2, BC-2, BD-2W, BF-1,BF-2, BF-2B, BF-3, BL-1, BX-4, CE-3 Chorus, CE-5T, CEB-3T, CH-1T, CS-1, CS-2, CT-6, DA-2, DC-2, DC-3, DD-2, DD-3, DD-5, DD-6, DD-7.

DF-2, DI-1, DM-2W, DN-2, DR-3, DS-1, DS-1A, DS-1X, DS-2, DS-3, DSD-2, DSD-3, EH-2, EQ-20, FB-2, FDR-1, FBM-1, GP-10/GP-20, Roland GR-D, Roland GR-S, HF-2,HM-2, HM-3,HR-2, LM2 ,LM-2B.

LMB-3,LS-2,MD-2,ME-20 , ME-20B,ME-25/ME-30 ,ME-33,ME-50, ME-50B, ME-70,ME-80, MICRO BR80,MO-2, ML-2, Roland MPD-4, MT-2

Roland MX-5, MZ-2 l, NF-1,NS-2, OC-2,OC-20G,OC-3, OD-1X, OD-1, OD-2, OD-20, OD-2R,OD-3, ODB-3, OS-2,PH-1, PH-1R , PH-2,PH-3,PN-2

PQ-3B, PQ-4, Roland PR-1, PS-2, PS-3,PS-5 , PS-6, PSM-5, PSM-5 , PW-2, PW-10 V-Wah, RC-1, RC-2,RC-3RC-20XL, RC-30, RE-20, RT-20, RV-2

TU-8 Tuner, TU-12H, TW-1, VE-2, WP-20G, BOSS DD-500, RV-500, ES-5, BD-2, DB-90, MXR M75, MXR M-234

MXR M82, MXR M288, DS-1-4A,MXR M116, MXR M-101 , Jim Dunlop CBM95, Jim Dunlop JHM7, 105Q,Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180

UL Listing: Special design and materials ensure that the adapter is kept in low temperature to charge , and its low energy consumption conform to the US Energy Star VI.
Technical features: IBERLS’ professional technology and special design make you keep away from noise, and the materials ensure that the adapter is kept in low temperature to charge safely.
Widely compatible: This adapter works with Boss DS-1, RC-1, RC-3, TU-3, SD-1, RV-5, RV-6, DD-3, DD-7, DD-20, VE-20, ME-50, GT-10, HM-2, etc guitar pedal, replacement for Boss PSA-120S PSA-100 PSA-120 PSA-120T PSA-100S PSA-220S PSA-230 power supply. Please reference full list of compatible models in the product description.
Compatibility: Compatible with Boss, DigiTech, Jim Dunlop, Vox Stomplab, MXR, Nobels, JOYO, KLIQ, Korg, Wah pedals, Zoom, Behringer devices; Also works with Danelectro Electric GuitaMini Amplifier and negative tip keyboards. Note: NOT compatible with Casio CTK-5000.


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