INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set – 16 Inch Rubber Dart Board with 9 Soft Tip Darts for Children and Adults, Office and Family Time

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Great kids dart board for Teen Boys & Girls

Easy to set up and stay up.

Comes with 9 Soft Darts-without the safety concerns of traditional sharp pointed darts.

Family TimeFamily Time


1.When hanging dart board,be sure the center of the board is 5’8″ form the floor.

2.When throwing darts,players should be 9’form the board.

Family TimeFamily Time


1.Darts that hit the very center”bullseye” score 50 points.

2.Darts that hit the first narrow circular band from the center,score triple the amount of the number in that section.

3.Darts that hit the outermost circular band,score double the amount of the number in that section.

4.Darts that hit in a number section,but not in either of the two circular bands,score the value of that section’s number.

NOTE:To open the game,each person should throw one dart at the board,and the person with the highest score goes first.The rest of the players follow according to their scores.

Family TimeFamily Time


1.The object of this game is for a player or team to reduce a specified score to zero.Example:Four players attempt to reduce 501 points to zero,two players attempt to reduce 301 points to zero.

2.Each player throws three darts alternately,This constitutes one throw.

3.The method of scoring is by subtracing the total of each throw from the previous total.The total of the first throw is subtracted from 301 or 501.

4.The player or players must reduce the score exactly to 301 or 501,If he or she goes over the number of points needed on the last throw,the entire throw is forfeited and the next player must try.






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FULL-SIZE – 16 Inch Dart Board. This safety dart board set is safe for children aged 6+ and plenty of fun for teens and grown-ups.
TWO WAYS TO INSTALL – Build-in Metal bracket for table-top play or reinforced nail hole for wall mounting.
SAFETY AND FUN – Comes with 9 safety soft darts rubber tip, no damage to body or furniture. The dart board fits home playing, office stress-reducing and party game.
UNIQUE DART BOARD DESIGN – Committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards, Great darts game set for kids and leisure sport for office.
PERFECT GIFT – Christmas gift, Birthday gift for your kids to build teamwork, improves hand/eye coordination, improves concentration and improve social skill.


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