Led Lights for Bedroom,49.2 Feet of Music Sync Changing Color Led Strip Lights,40 Keys Remote and Application Control Rope Lights,Adjust 16 Million Colors Led Light Strips for Party Home Decoration

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Product Description

led lightsled lights

BLOFUN led strip lights,Coming for decoration,beautiful and unstoppable.

led lights for bedroomled lights for bedroom

In Dark nights, passionate parties, or carnival holidays, lighting is always indispensable.

How to choose a good light?

BLOFUN solves this problem for you.

BLOFUN led strip lights, it is a kind of decorative atmosphere lights. Compared with other lights, it can release more colors.

Psychological research shows that: red means enthusiasm, excitement, vigor, orange means passion, fanaticism, dynamic, etc.

Different colors, different sensory stimulation.

The BLOFUN light strip can be adjusted to 16 million colors through the APP to accompany you in a happy life every day.

led strip lightsled strip lights

With unique ingenuity and striding towards “softness”.

BLOFUN does not take the usual path.

Our remote control uses special materials. When you use it for remote control, you will feel a soft touch, rather than a rigid, unique and unusual, waiting for you to experience it.

led strip lights for bedroom

led strip lights for bedroom

led lights for bedroom 50ft

led lights for bedroom 50ft

led lights bluetooth

led lights bluetooth

Stylish living room

Say goodbye to the past, now use BLOFUN to welcome a brand-new living room, gorgeous lighting effects, pour a glass of red wine, quietly thinking about the past and the future, the pleasant mood of life. It will be enviable.

Colourful stairs

When we are going up and down the stairs, most people do not pay attention to our feet, especially at night, it is dangerous. How to attract the attention of the family, the stimulation of color is definitely the best choice, beautiful and safe, let us win together.

Beautiful bedroom

The dark night, with the background of the stars, always makes people particularly yearning. Would you like to experience the scenery if you don’t want to go out?

Use BLOFUN lights to bring photos of your own sky.

led lights 50 ft

led lights 50 ft

led lights for tv

led lights for tv

50ft led lights

50ft led lights

App music mode

Dynamic dazzling rhythm, strating happily with music.

Microphone mode

Change to microphone mode on the mobile app, (select external microphone)

When singing or playing musical instruments, the light strips are changing colorful and extremely beautiful. It is the best choice to cultivate your sentiment.

App timing mode

When you rest,the light strip will turn off according to the set time,open at the time you set,with you to start a pleasant day.

50ft led strip lights

50ft led strip lights

50ft led strip

50ft led strip

lights for bedroom

lights for bedroom

Use of line cards

For fix the led strip lights at corners or places that do not stick well!

Before installation, please remember to clean the light bar contact surface!

All adhesive tapes are designed for one-time use, please plan the route before tearing off the protective layer of the double-sided adhesive tapes, the adhesive can lose stickiness after exposing to the air or dust for some time.

DIY instructions

1.Can be cut and connected.

2.Every three LED lights,can be cut along the line,allows you to DIY the lamp with a custom length.

3.Note: Please make sure to turn off the power first.

4.After cutting,there will be two light strips,one light strip uses one power adapter,the other light strip needs another power adapter to light it. (Only one power adapter is standard in this package)

5.If accidentally cut off accidentally,you can connect via solderless terminals.

Package list

Power supply*1———-Light strip 16.4FT*3

Controller*1————–Remote control*1

User Manual*1————Line card*10

Solderless terminals*6

4-pin connector*3——–Red foam rubber *3

Controller fixing glue *1

Non-essential parts: Line card, solderless terminal, 4-pin connector, red foam glue, controller fixing glue, you can choose to use it when necessary.

16 Million Combinations of Color Led Lights: The application allows you to have more choices. The lamp beads on our light strip have three original colors: blue, green, and red. These three original colors can be matched to 1600 through the APP Thousands of colors, you can adjust the color as you like, and enjoy the joy of operation.
Multi Mode Smart Light Strip: through the app, you can use the music mode that changes with the music, the external microphone mode that changes with the sound, the timing mode that accompanies you to sleep and wake up on time, multiple modes create a more colorful and interesting atmosphere for you.
Multi Purpose Interior Decoration Lights: Led lights are used for bedroom, home decoration, party, TV, living room, kitchen, restaurant, bar, hotel, staircase, study room, computer desk, ceiling, shopping mall, office, etc.
Note Matter: 1,Led strip lights must be used below 12V; 2,The remote control must be aimed at the infrared receiver of the controller; 3,When connecting the light bar controller to the light bar, the arrow points to the arrow, otherwise it cannot be used; 4,Before installing the light bar, please plan the route in advance.


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