OSOYOO Robot Car Starter Kit for Arduino | STEM Remote Controlled App Educational Motorized Robotics for Building Programming Learning How to Code | IOT Mechanical DIY Coding for Kids Teens Adults

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Robot carRobot car

OSOYOO Robot Car Kit for Arduino

Improve logical thinking, mechanical, and electrical abilities
Learn how to build and program fully-functional robots.
Perfect gift for anyone who is interested in programming, robotics, electronics, or mechanical design



Obstacle avoidance

Obstacle avoidance



IOT robot car

IOT robot car

Line Tracking Mode

Program your robot to move along a track with the 5 tracking sensor modules at the front of the car
Includes 5 black and white tracking sensors (compared to 3 most competitors use) allowing for a wider range of detection and movement

Obstacle Avoidance

Practice your programming skills to teach your robotic car to avoid obstacles
Your car can detect the distance between itself and an obstacle with the ultrasonic sensor, allowing it to stop and move according to the parameters you set

Imitate Real-World Driving

Use the app to imitate real-world driving with your iOS or Android device
The app provides a virtual steering wheel and gear that allows you to imitate real-world driving

WiFi Internet of Things Device

Use this mode to set your car as a WiFi hotspot and move your car with the app
Connect your mobile device to the same LAN and experience the modern intelligence that the ‘Internet of Things’ brings to home robotics







Infrared Remote Control

Use the included infrared remote control to control your cars movements. Make left and right turns, or move forward and backwards.

Object follow mode

Use this mode to program your car to follow an object
Your car will receive a signal from the IR obstacle avoidance module and then your program will drive the car to follow the object

Battle Bots — Time for War

Grab a friend — it’s time for some fun!
If you and a friend or family member both own the OSOYOO 4WD Robotic Car, you can battle to see who built, programmed, and controls their car the best
Makes a great stress reliever, or fun family activity!


Learn Robotics The Fun Way


Easy to Follow Tutorial

You will learn how to take your OSOYOO Arduino-Controlled Robot Car from a simple setup, with basic movements, to a full-fledged, multi-functional robotic car controlled by a mobile application. This is the future — The Internet of Things.

Detailed Tutorial Includes:

Video Instructions

Schematic Diagram

Source Code

Basic Arduino Tutorial

STEM Project that grows with your child

Perfect gift to learn robotics, Arduino, Programming, Electrical and Mechnical Design

Give your child the gift of a great education — STEM skills will last a lifetime, and as more jobs become automated, this knowledge will only increase in value

Hands-on learning: Build and create your robotic car from the included schematics

Learn how to assemble electronics, build and program robots, and get first-hand experience in the future of automation

OSOYOO’s Arduino-controlled Robot Smart Car Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone who is interested in learning valuable STEM skills

Whether you are getting started in robotics, or are looking to get your kids interested in STEM, our Arduino-controlled Robot Smart Car Starter Kit is the perfect combination of learning while playing



metel holder

metel holder





Chassis Printed Marks

Printed marks on each chassis piece to simplify construction and installation

Metal Gear Holder

Solid design
Easy to install
Holds Motors in Place

Customized Jumper Wires

Custom jumpers simplify electrical connections
Easy-to-follow design

Dual Battery Design

Contains both 9V and 18650 battery covers with soldered connectors

SIMPLE, EDUCATIONAL, FUN PROJECT — Control your OSOYOO Robot Car V2.0 System by Android and iOS App, allowing many additional functions such as imitation driving, WiFi controlled auto driving and battle bots (must purchase at least two kits). This intelligent, new technology supports various projects such as line tracking, object motion following, obstacle avoidance and gravity sensing control.
PROGRAMMABLE STARTER KIT FOR KIDS, TEENS, ADULTS AND PROFESSIONALS – The OSOYOO Robot Car Kit V2.0 is fully compatible with the R3 board. Great for any skill level — whether you’re a pro, enthusiast, or a beginner, assembling your new robotic car kit will help you learn to create circuits, program sensors and actuators, learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and get hands-on programming, coding, electronics and robotics experience.
THE BEST VALUE PACK — This almost full Bundle Includes You Need To Build and Engineer Your Own Robotic Car: Basic Board, USB Cable, Model X Motor Driver Module, WiFi Shield, Bluetooth Module, Ultrasonic Sensor & Holder, Servo Motor, 5 Line Tracking Modules, 2 Obstacle Sensors, Buzzer Sensor Module, Infrared IR Remote, Receiver, & Transmitter, 18650 Battery Box, 9V battery case, Voltage Meter, 2 Piece Acrylic Car Chassis, 4 Motors & Metal Motor Holders, 4 Wheels.
MORE THAN THE BASICS: ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED IN DIY ROBOTIC STEM SET — 2 8-Pin Female to Female Jumper Wires (20 cm), 2 20-Pin Male to Female Jumpers (20 cm), 1 Male to 5 Female Jumper Wire, 3-Pin Female to Female Jumper, 6 Pin Male to Female Jumper, Screws & Nuts for Sensor and Module Assembly, Philips Screwdriver, Basic Tutorial CD with Video, Pictures, Sample Project Code, & Step-by-Step Instructions. Designed for Easy Assembly and Great Performance. No battery in the package.
GROWS WITH YOUR KIDS – OSOYOO Robot Car Kit for Arduino is a perfect gift for your kids who are interested in programming, robotics, electronics, or mechanical design as it can improve logical thinking, mechanical, and electrical abilities of your kids and let your kids learn how to build and program fully-functional robots


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