WONNIE Wireless Alarm System for Home, Smart Monitoring Kit with 24/7 Professional Security System, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, WiFi Home Automation Hub

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Product Description

WONNIE Home Monitoring KitWONNIE Home Monitoring Kit

1.Connect to 2.4GHz WiFi network, 5G WiFi is not supported.

2.Keep the gateway and smart IR remote control connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi at all times.

3.You can detect real-time dynamics and the remaining power of the sensor in the smart life app. When the power is low, the phone will receive a reminder.

4.Please let us know if you have problems when using. You could send a message to our after-sale e-mail and you will get the best solution in 24 hours.

Home MonitoringHome Monitoring

Home Security SystemHome Security System

Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor

Door&window sensor

Door&window sensor

All-in-one control

WONNE WiFi smart IR remote Can add remote control of all infrared devices, such as AC, Air conditioner, TV, Fireplace, DVD, STB and other Infrared controlled devices(only IR (38KHZ) is supported, RF is not included), no need to look for scattered remote controls.

It can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant to vocie control the infrared devices.

Detect passing motion

If you have an elderly person or a child at home, motion sensors can help you. You can install it in a place close to danger. When someone pass by, it will immediately detect the movement and send the information to your mobile phone in time, you can prevent it in time and avoid injury.

Install the sensors on front doors, window frames, door entrance or anywhere you want to be alerted to motion. It can be used in your house, retail store, garage, office. Protect Your Family and Property.

Monitor indoor temperature and humidity

You can place the temperature&humidity sensor in the bedroom, greenhouse, baby room, warehouse, etc. to detect real-time temperature and humidity.

If there is a change, you can receive a reminder on your phone in time, and then open Air conditioners or humidifiers according to the application scenario set by the smart life APP, provide you with a good living environment and storage environment.

Prevent foreign intrusion

Door & Window alarm provides 24-hour monitoring. Even you are far from your home, you can check whether the door/window is open with free Smart life app anytime and anywhere, giving you a full sense of security.

Never worry about missing any important moment or running out of battery.If you install more than one door and window sensor in different places. All the status of doors and windows will be displayed simultaneously within the app.

WiFi IR RemoteWiFi IR Remote

Smart IR Remote

Only supports 2.4G Wifi connection, control infrared devices within 15m in diameter in one room, which can be used in most living rooms and bedrooms.

Adding other family members to the “Smart Life” application “Family Management” enables different family members to control the same device together.

When your infrared device does not have a corresponding brand in the application, you can add a controlled device through the custom copy function from the original IR remote control.

Our Smart IR remote comes with an adapter and a USB cable, you can plug in anywhere with a plug or USB port. Do not place any obstacles between the smart IR and the device.

Home Monitoring Kit

1*Motion sensor

1*Door & window sensor

1*Temperature & humidity sensor

1*WiFi IR remote (including charging cable, charging plug)

1*Gateway (including network cable, charging cable, charging plug)


WONNIE Home Automation Hub, Alarm system for Home, with 24/7 Professional Wireless Security System



home alarm system

home alarm system

home security

home security

Alarm systems

Alarm systems

Home Automation Hub

Home Automation Hub connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together. You can name each smart devices like living room, bedroom on the app.

Work with Alexa to voice control smart devices (only for Alexa supported smart devices)

Motion sensor

It can detect motion range of 180 degrees up and down, 210 degrees left and right

When the Passive Infrared sensors(PIR) detected movement(Cannot detect animals), get alerts immediately on your smart phone.

Support checking unlock / lock records and battery level on free Smart life app.

Door&Window alarm

The mounting distance of the two accessories is less than 10MM.

Triggered when doors, windows, cabinet doors are opened or closed, no matter where you are, you will receive alerts on your phone.

Support checking unlock / lock records and battery level on free Smart life app.

Temperature&Humidity sensor

You can remotely monitor temperature and humidity through your phone, record thermometer and hygrometer data all around house.

Set up application scenarios in the smart life app. For example: Turning on the air conditioner when the room temperature is higher than 26 degrees Celsius Ensuring their house is being in proper temperature.

Home wireless security system uses 2.4G WiFi network connection, manage the entire system through free smart living applications, and add any number of smart products and users at any time. Choose the home alarm kit that fits your need, no need for any monthly or annual fees.
When the door/window is opened or closed, and when you leave or detect motion, or when the temperature/humidity is abnormal, you will get alarm immediately on the smart phone. Put whole-home security at your fingertips with 24/7 professional monitoring.
Home alarm system can be used with Alexa and Google assistant to finish turn on, turn off, play music, temperature and humidity setting and other operations on home TVs, air conditioners, set-top boxes, refrigerators and other household appliances through voice control. You can also monitor your home security in real time by customizing settings scenes.
this smart monitoring kit includes one gateway, one door &window alarm, one smart ir remote, one motion detector, and one temperature&humidity sensor. A great fit for 1-2 bedroom homes.
After Sales Service: We provide new replacement or full refund of reasons in 180 days and professional customer service & technical support in 365 days. Welcome to contact us via after-sell or Amazon Email, we will ensure your profit at all times.


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